Who We Are

At the core of Tar Pit Outdoor is a story of passion, adventure, and a relentless pursuit of quality. In an era where the market is flooded with disposable outdoor products, founders Dylan Mitic and Dylan Murphy sought to chart a different course. Fueled by our own experiences and frustrations with gear that couldn't keep up, we embarked on a journey to offer a solution—durable, functional, and sustainable outdoor essentials designed to last a lifetime.

At the heart of Tar Pit Outdoor lies a commitment to quality that doesn’t compromise. We believe in creating products that can withstand not just the elements, but the test of time. Our mission is clear: equip adventurers with gear that supports their pursuits without becoming a part of the problem. We're here to ensure that when you set out on life’s greatest journeys, your focus is on the experience, not the expiration date of your gear.

  • Dylan Mitic: Co-Founder

    Dylan Mitic, co-founder of Tar Pit Outdoor, is a dedicated surfer and climber whose love for the outdoors is deeply woven into our durable gear designs. His extensive outdoor experience ensures that every product is crafted to meet the demands of the wild.

  • Dylan Murphy: Co- Founder

    Dylan Murphy, co-founder of Tar Pit Outdoor, brings his passion for surfing, skiing, and climbing into every aspect of our gear development. His diverse outdoor interests, shaped by the varied landscapes he’s called home, ensure that our products are versatile, robust, and ready for any challenge