We Are Offering A Promise

At Tar Pit, we bring our genuine passion for the outdoors to every piece of gear we create. Our own adventures, from serene mornings on the water to challenging trails in the backcountry, have shown us the importance of reliable, sustainable gear that doesn’t compromise on performance or style. We’ve been in the thick of it, where quality gear isn’t just nice to have—it’s essential for the journey.

Tar Pit is our commitment to you, the fellow adventurer. It’s our promise to deliver products that meet the demands of real outdoor enthusiasts. We’re here to offer gear that’s built to last, designed with the environment in mind, and priced fairly, so more people can experience the great outdoors. This isn’t about being the toughest brand out there; it’s about making sure you have the right equipment to safely and confidently explore the natural world. Tar Pit Outdoor also isn't just about outfitting you for the wild; it's about bringing a piece of that adventure into your daily wardrobe. With Tar Pit Outdoor, you’re getting more than just gear; you’re getting our pledge to uphold the values of durability, sustainability, and accessibility, ensuring every adventure is as rewarding as the last.

- Dylan & Dylan